SMS Fundraising
From Listen

These days, so much of people’s lives are run from their smartphones – so why not bring fundraising to them too? We’ve helped to make mobile phones the new frontier of telephone fundraising. And it’s really taking off.

Listen can help you use SMS fundraising on its own or as part of a wider campaign.

We’re helping to secure donors using SMS ‘micro-donations’ on TV, online and on the street, who are then converted to Direct Debit supporters through a telephone fundraising campaign. It’s a fantastic, cost-effective way to inspire people to become regular, long-term supporters.

And we’re using ‘regular giving by text’ platforms, which allow donors to make monthly gifts through their mobiles and receive inspiring updates direct to their phones in return. It’s one of the most exciting developments to happen to telephone fundraising in recent years – a real game-changer.

SMS fundraising is keeping us at the cutting-edge of the market. We’ve found it’s an incredibly effective way to open up a new income stream for our clients – income that wouldn’t have been realised if there were a sole focus on PDDs. There’s every chance you will too.

If you’d like to find out how to bring your charity to the public’s pockets through SMS fundraising, then please click here and get in touch today.

Listen fundraising are specialists in Telephone fundraising and delivering high quality fundraising campaigns. We achieve our success by using existing Charity telephone fundraising, Legacy fundraising and SMS fundraising techniques.

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