Telephone fundraising for Charities

We believe that telephone fundraising is one of the best ways to raise money for our clients. It’s varied, cost-effective and one of the only means for fundraisers to have a two-way, personal exchange with supporters. Put simply, it works.

What is our approach to charity telesales and fundraisers?
At Listen, we’re achieving success in charity telephone fundraising in two simple ways: by using existing telephone techniques and mastering new ones.

Why Charities Choose Listen for Telephone Fundraising?
Here at Listen, we love to use new innovative and bespoke telemarketing techniques, but we also believe that sometimes the old ways are the best; therefore we fundraise using every established ethical method of telephone fundraising to secure income on behalf of our clients. Our work is very important to us, therefore we do what we believe is the best for your company and do what is going to get you the best results through solicitation.

Since day one, we have been committed to developing innovative telephone fundraising campaigns and products so our clients can continue to get results in the fast pace world around them. This is why we were first to integrate ‘regular giving by text’ platforms (SMS fundraising) – this is one of the most exciting innovations in charity fundraising in recent years.

We are proud of the work we do and our experienced callers have helped us win various fundraising awards over the years, including:

‘Best Telephone Fundraising Agency UK (2015)’
‘Best Customer Acquisition (2016)’
‘Best Integrated Campaign (2016)’

The outcome is a whole selection of campaigns that help exceed our fundraising targets and transform ROIs.

How do we acquire donors?

  • Recruitment of new donors from specially selected data
  • New donor welcome
  • Campaigners to regular givers
  • Community fundraiser to regular supporter
  • Merchandise to regular giver
  • Volunteer to regular giver
  • Reactivation campaigns - including long-lapsed cash/RG reactivation
  • Rolling reactivation programmes
  • SMS/new media conversion to regular giver

Donor development and retention

  • Cash to committed
  • Gift aid
  • Upgrades
  • Rolling upgrade programmes
  • Non-payer reactivation
  • High-value supporters development
  • Direct dialogue/new media recruit development
  • Legacy
  • Non-financial calls - thank you, welcome, event promotion
  • Donor survey calling
  • Guidance
  • Direct Debit Schemes

If you think you have any telephone fundraising campaigns that we could help you with, our team would love to hear from you, please give us a call on 0207 619 6620 or click here for our contact page. For information on recruitment, take a look at our fundraising jobs page.

Useful links
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Listen fundraising are specialists in Telephone fundraising and delivering high quality fundraising campaigns. We achieve our success by using existing Charity telephone fundraising, Legacy fundraising and SMS fundraising techniques.

We have full and part-time Fundraising jobs and Telephone fundraising jobs available. Make a difference and contact Listen fundraising today for our current Charity fundraising jobs, you could have exactly what it takes.